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Shipping updates:
USPS is experiencing COVID related days, delivery times are slower than normal
Fedex is currently having COVID related delays and is not offering the money back guarantee for delays until further notice. We have not had many issues with delays but there have been a few.
Please make sure to choose your shipping accordingly.

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ZELLE Update: If you are not using Zelle directly from your bank account but are using the Zelle app, please make sure it is set up with your banking information, not your debit card. Zelle has stopped allowing businesses to take payments from the Zelle app using a debit card. We are working with Zelle, We are sorry for the inconvenience.

COVID-19 information. We have always used respirators rated P95 or higher when packing product to keep our employees safe from dust and extract processing fumes. We follow GMP practices regarding cleaning and other personal protective equipment (such as hair nets and gloves). All our employees are salary paid, with health insurance provided and paid time off so nobody will feel pressured to work while ill. We have increased our cleaning of frequently touched surfaces such as doors knobs and sink faucets.

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